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Meet Jan
Let me guide you on

Your path through grief

using Realization Process 

A little about me

Are you grieving a loss?  Are you feeling shattered and wondering how to bring the pieces of your former life together in a new way?  Has someone suggested that meditation could be helpful? 

I’ve been there. When my husband of fifty-two years died suddenly, I felt torn apart.  The pain was enormous, but at the same time I felt numb.  I could only deal with it in small bits. When the full grief hit, my knees would buckle and I would find myself sobbing. I had never lived on my own. I was apprehensive and overwhelmed. I had loving family and friends who helped, but the deep work was mine to do.

Over the last seven years as I’ve walked my grief path, I’ve found Realization Process as developed by Judith Blackstone to be a profound and helpful aid.  It focusses on experiencing the whole self within the whole body, enabling us to find the deep still space within us in which true healing happens.  That wholeness encompasses all physical sensations, emotions, thoughts.  It is not something that is relegated to a set time/place to be practiced.  It is part of daily life. The breath is the entryway.

The skills I had developed through the Realization Process allowed me to be present to myself in my grief; to feel it, not run away from it. Bit by bit, I was able to let the grief soften and unwind within me, acknowledging that my new normal changed frequently, accepting that my new whole included a hole within my heart.

Realization Process

What is Grief?

Grief is the natural response to losing someone or something that we love. It affects all aspects of our being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.   It may be anticipatory grief at the news that a friend is dying. It may come at the loss of a parent, sibling, spouse, or child.  It is there with a stillbirth or miscarriage or abortion. It comes with the death of a pet. The loss may also be of a relationship or a job or a life dream. Many mourn what is happening to our environment.  We all experience grief.

Jan's process
Holding Hands

My process

Work with me starts with a free private consultation or participation in a basic Wholeness Anew class series in which you will learn breathwork, meditation, and movement. After the initial class series you may continue with private sessions or participate in a continuing small group.


I feel privileged to have received RP sessions from Jan over the past 12 years. Her loving gentle way of leading me through each meditation helped me let go of fear and held in grief. I have feelings of gratitude towards Jan for including me on her healing/learning journey with RP.

— Viana Motion

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